1895 - 2020: 125 years of safety

1895 - 2020: 125 YEARS OF SECURITY

Production and design of advanced shutters.

Own production

Garage doors

The ideal closing system for garages or warehouses.


Blinds and suitable for any context


Customized design and production

Study of every construction detail to find the best solution to meet the needs of each customer.

Detailed quotations taking care of every single detail and high quality finishes.


Installation by specialized technicians to ensure the optimal functioning of our products.

Technical assistance

Repair and replacement of damaged items on request.

Machine maintenance

Our maintenance service to minimize the possibility of failure and thus increase the life of the plants.

G. GREPPI sas, founded in 1895, is at the forefront in the supply of superior quality passive protection systems.
The traditional concept of safety is constantly flanked by the study of innovative models, with particular attention to the aesthetic impact of the product, for the complete satisfaction of the final user.

Are you an architect? Are you a Designer? Are you a decorator?


Nowadays, Giovanni Greppi sas Company offers you the possibility to request closures made according to your needs and your style. Submit your project and express your proposals. Or even simply sketch your idea. Our Technical Office has the right tools to translate your project into reality. We can discuss it together. The versatility of the construction principles of the USA Stainless Steel shutter makes it possible to produce multiple variations: with customized mesh sizes, with different diameters of horizontal tubes, with connecting rods of increased thickness, with transparent polycarbonate inserts or with your logo. Just ask, contact us. We will be happy to make the most satisfying for you.

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