1895 - 2020: 125 years of safety

Extensible gates

The extensible gates are widely used in the protection of entrances, commercial activities, offices and homes. In addition to being robust and practical in their use, thanks to their compact size, they are a valid protection solution with a good quality / price ratio.

They are completely built in galvanized steel with the possibility of fire painting for outdoor use. They consist of double vertical U-shaped uprights of various thicknesses connected to each other by flat or corrugated plate pantographs.

The gates can be one or more collections in light or embedded in special compartments. On request the collections can be overturned 90 ° or 180 °. They are supported by carriages with sliding ball bearings within the upper guide. On request, the lower rail can be tipped or recessed into the floor even when cornering.

The closure can also be equipped with a security lock. On request, the gate can be supplied in stainless steel. AISI 304.

The extensible gates comply with the UNI EN 13241 / 1 Standard.

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